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You are not alone!

Enabling peers to create recovery. 


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Acudetox Saturday at 10:00AM after AA with Depression.
Participants must be 18 or older.
All groups are free, donations accepted.

Our Mission

Liberating peers from addiction & mental illness symptoms so they can be worthy, independent, financially free & healthy.

Peer Support

Peer Support comes directly from the 12-step program; help someone else on their path.

Art Class

Art Class: Be inspired to create your recovery. We provide supplies, you provide the effort. Typically a simple exercise begins the class so that you can get into the creative flow.

Payee Services

Payee services for people who are court ordered or are unable to handle their checks, payee services offer convenience & flexibility when managing finances.


Acudetox is the NADA protocol. Five needles are inserted in each ear. Results vary, but you may feel relaxed. Licensed & insured. Every program is optional.


Participants must be 18 or older. All groups are free, donations accepted.

Free Advice

Read everything you can about recovery & the illness behind the problem.

Talk (silently) back to your delusions & improve your self-talk. If you suffer with low self-esteem you can learn to counter this predicament with better self-talk. Think on things you’re grateful for or play music that makes you happy.

Write about your three biggest problems & take small actions toward limiting & managing their impact, everyday.

Start a modest savings account.

Take a walk. It could help you meet your neighbours & feel better.

Meditate. It works!

Practice assuming nothing. 

Practice the art of conversation. Everyone has something to offer. If you're a good listener that can be valuable in our chatty world. 

Turn off TV for a year. If not TV, try turning off the news.

Learn how to assert yourself, calmly & respectfully.

If over a year or two, you sleep too much & you may never achieve your goals, sleep to little & you'll shorten your lifespan. 

Practice active listening. Give feedback to someone else by mirroring what they are saying.


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Scott Haugh

Scott Haugh is a CPS and QMHP with 9 years of peer support experience.
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Rosana Lopez Haugh

Rosana Lopez Haugh is a peer and MSW. She leads art classes, which focus on creativity and inclusion so peers can manage difficulties via inspiration.

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P.O. Box 421

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